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Sure, We Could Have No Bananas, However Monoculture Wasn't So Simple To Keep away from - The JamsPortal

(This text initially appeared on Forbes, 1/4/18)

In 1923, Frank Silver and Irving Cohn revealed a music that turned a significant hit for the Billy Jones Orchestra, with the signature line “Sure, we have now no bananas; we have now no bananas at this time.” It turned out to be sadly prophetic as, within the 1950s, the banana bushes that provided your entire world banana export enterprise had been worn out by a soil-borne fungal illness generally known as “Panama Wilt.”

The trade at the moment was nearly completely based mostly on a single banana cultivar known as “Gros Michel” (which means “Massive Mike”), and it was vulnerable to an infection by a pressure of fungus known as Fusarium. As soon as the soil of a given plantation was contaminated with that pressure, any Gros Michel tree grown there would quickly die.

By success, a special banana cultivar that was being grown within the South Seas was in a position to substitute for Gros Michel as a industrial line, and this new “Cavendish” …